The Half-Breed King

A New Beginning

A group of young adventurers arrives in Jargon’s Fork eager to make a name for themselves as Heroes. They make their way to the headquarters of the Arms & Arcane Adventurer’s Guild to find some Heroish work and to no great surprise are quickly commissioned to make their way to a northern guard outpost that protects the road from Jargon’s Fork to Felbrook. These outposts are compounds with towers and supply stores that allow travelers to bunker down and stay safe should they come under attack.

Dieran, the guildmaster of Arms & Arcane, explains to the group that this particular outpost has been raided several times in recent weeks and, despite the fact that scouts have been able to turn up nothing, he is convinced that a Hobgoblin raiding camp has been setup nearby. The assumption is that the outpost has been sacked and cleaned of supplies and possibly damaged, it is also likely being watched by hobgoblin scouts for likely raiding targets.

The adventurers are to secure the outpost and surrounding area and to lead an Arms & Arcane supply officer to the outpost to partially restock the supplies and take an inventory so the outpost can be repaired and fully restocked. If possible, find the location of the raiding camp and destroy it without raising immediate alarm to the greater hobgoblin forces nearby. Further, a far-scout party is expecting to rendezvous to drop off reports and resupply at a small lake a few hours northwest of the outpost in four days time and the adventurers are to meet them at the lake to pick up their reports and deliver their new orders and supplies.

Thanking Dieran, and racing to pick up last minute supplies and make plans, the adventurers leave town shortly before nightfall and make as much headway as they can eventually camping at the last intact outpost along the road before their objective. Leaving themselves about three hours travel time remaining in the morning before they reach the abandoned outpost they set about getting a good nights rest and keeping their eyes peeled, bunkering down in the outpost with a merchant and his son who are traveling to Jargon’s Fork in the morning.

As they are setting up camp some movement is spotted up the road and the adventurers send a scout to investigate what appears to be recent hobgoblin tracks running north along the road. Following the tracks for a half hour or so to be sure they aren’t circling around to attack the outpost the scout returns and tells his fellow adventurers that they are discovered but should be safe tonight. A few hours before dawn the outpost is ambushed by a group of Hobgoblin Sharpshooters who prove to be dangerous foes. A few of the adventurers barely survive the encounter and the group is forced to rest for longer than they wanted to recover.

At mid-morning the next day the group sets out for the abandoned outpost, a little shaken from the previous nights encounter but ready for what lies ahead…



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