The Guildmaster of the Arms & Arcane Adventurers Guild


Dieran Human Wizard 16

Age 22 Height 5’9” Weight 160

Dieran has brown scruffy hair and bright hazel eyes. Despite his penchant for fine tailored clothing he always looks like he just woke up and slept in his clothes.

Dieran is humorous, loyal and fair as a friend or in business and will respond quite well to diplomacy, will humor a well-intentioned bluff and will ignore all but the fiercest intimidation.


Dieran [Dee-air-an], is a young wizard who traveled to Jargon’s Fork in the spring in search of his fortune like so many others. Upon arriving and testing his mettle as a hero he found it not so much to his liking but the enthusiastic human was not going to give up on finding his fortune.

A young group of particularly skilled adventurer’s had been having some great success while Dieran was trying his hand as a hero, he would return to town badly injured and none-the-richer after his forays and they would always return laden with treasure and great stories of their triumph. One he decided to forego a, most likely short, career as a hero he struck out to establish a guild to organize all the heroes coming up and make his name off their deeds.

His first targets were of course this young group of adventurer’s, he enticed them to join him as partners establishing an adventurer’s guild to help protect the towns and roads – he would do all the work as long as they donated a small portion of their abundant treasure haul. They agreed and Arms and Arcane was born.

The guild has since constructed over 40 guard outposts along the roadways and established a continually operational scout force that patrols the entire region. When the towns of Millsworth Hollow and Reshvale came under brutal attack from the undead hordes to the south of Jargon’s Fork, Arms & Arcane brought together a sizable force to hold the monsters at bay long enough to evacuate many people and to build defensive towers to make recapturing the lost towns possible.


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