Celadur Celais

Once an Elf of royal blood, now a twisted Revenant hell bent on vengance


Class: Assassin

Guild Training: Night Stalker

Choose your Race in Life: Elf

Background: Auspicious Birth (Auspicious Birth Benefit)

Ability Scores:
  • Str 9
  • Con 12
  • Dex 21
  • Int 10
  • Wis 10
  • Cha 15

AC: 20 Fort: 15 Reflex: 18 Will: 16 HP: 47 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 11

Trained Skills:
  • Stealth +12
  • Bluff +9
  • Perception +7
  • Thievery +12
  • Streetwise +9
Untrained Skills:
  • Acrobatics +7
  • Arcana +2
  • Diplomacy +4
  • Dungeoneering +2
  • Endurance +5
  • Heal +2
  • History +2
  • Insight +2
  • Intimidate +6
  • Nature +2
  • Religion +2
  • Athletics +1
  • Level 1: Mark of Passage
  • Level 2: Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade)
  • Level 4: Focused Expertise (Fullblade)
  • Assassin at-will 1: Inescapable Blade
  • Assassin at-will 1: Shadow Storm
  • Assassin encounter 1: Nightmare Shades
  • Assassin daily 1: Targeted for Death
  • Assassin utility 2: Shadowed Legion
  • Assassin encounter 3: Inescapable Shadow
  • Assassin Daily 5: Shadow Soul
Magic Items:
  • Repulsion Leather Armor +1
  • Subtle Fullblade +1
  • Reading Spectacles (heroic tier)
  • Amulet of Protection +1
  • Couters of Second Chances (heroic tier)
  • Talon Amulet

Items: Adventurer’s Kit, Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Camouflaged Clothing, Climber’s Kit, Flask (empty), Flint and Steel, Footpads, Thieves’ Tools,


A small figure hurdles through the underbrush in a darkened forest with neither haste nor panic in his quick strides. Precision and agility take him closer and closer to his goal, darkened blades dully gleam in either hand, blurring as they whip back and forth with every soundless step. A quick glance to his left reveals a similar looking figure ducking and weaving through the fallen logs and low hanging branches, moving at an equal pace at blinding speeds. Matching each other step for step he can feel victory within his graps, within their grasp. Looking ahead he sees the edge of the forest rapidly approaching, the clearing in the massive glade that held his home, his father’s castle, Grey Scale, deep in the heart of Al-Wryn, a small but vital region of the elven empire. With the victory they were about to achieve they would finally graduate from their basic training, a dark training that only the elite and those would be the elite’s protectors were allowed to learn. His mother would weep, as she always did for them when they achieved anything noteworthy, his father would remain silent and approving as usual, but would have the glint in his eye he could never hide when his only children made him proud. His sister’s silent leaps had seemed to have shortened compared to his when he glanced over his shoulder, she was lagging behind, or he was getting too far ahead, they needed to remain close together to avoid drawing attention to themselves, for if they were caught before they made it over the castle wall, they would fail and be forced to wait and train another full year before they could make the attempt again. Thinking of victory before attaining it had made him zealous, realizing his mistake he tried to slow his pace to close the gap between them, as he closed back he heard a muffled thud and looked over to see nothing but darkness where his sister should be running. As he started to slow to change his direction, something caught his foot regardless of the perfection in his stride. Five stumbling steps and his shoulder finally clipped the side of a tree, he tumbled and rolled, avoiding rocks as his training had taught him to, finally coming to rest just under a half felled log to atleast cover himself slightly. He lay there motionless for what seemed like hours, waiting to hear some kind of sound, preferably a bird call in the night from his sister. Nothing, until…

“Almost my young friend” came a whisper in the darkness that might as well been a trumpet call in a vacuum for the amount he jumped at it. As his eyes panned around he came across an equally dark figure sitting on a stump a few feet from his log. He knew that figure well, Talanthor, one of his teachers, and one of the highest ranking bodyguards of house Celais. Talanthor leaned forward and with a small chuckle that held amusement, sympathy and pride, he whispered again in the darkness.

“You got excited, the two of you made it much further than we had expected, we’ve had siblings go through the run before, and they always seperate to try and avoid making too much noise in one area, our sentries never would have expected you two to stay so close in a test of silence. Don’t be too discouraged son, no one has ever passed the test before their hundredth birthday, and you two are a mere ninety.”

Frusterated and extremely fatigued, Celadur slowly slid himself out from under the fallen log, clambered up to his feet and began dusting himself off. He could feel the cool night air cutting through his cloak which was drenched in sweat and blood from his torn shoulder, the pain in his shoulder was nothing compared to the pain in his pride however, he was smarter than that, and he knew it. As they walked through the edge of the forest and the castle came into view, he saw his sister, limping slightly but walking on her own a short distance away with one of the other teachers.

“I can’t wait another year for this, we were so close Tal, can’t we try again sooner than that? Mother and father-” Just then the night sky opened up with a burst of reds and oranges. Horrid cries arose from the castle as massive balls of fire crashed into towers and small houses. Great winged creatures swerved and rolled in the night, launching comets of scorching fire from their bellow like maws. Swooping this was and that, the castle and the small city surrounding it stood no chance against the barrage of five massive dragons. Celadur could only stand and watch in terror as everything he knew and loved was being burned alive right infront of him. Once the initial shock had passed he lurched forward as if to run straight for home, but a firm hand had a very firm hold on his good shoulder. Talanthor turned and began dragging him back towards the brush and cover of the trees. Glimpsing over he could see the same situation happening with his sister, as violently as he was struggling to run and save his home, his sister was barely being restrained by not one, but two teachers. Such strength as he had never seen in her before coursed through her veins. Finally reasonably subdued, she and her teachers dissappeared into the safety of the forest, her screams could be heard from this distance as if she were screaming right in his ear. He would never forget the sound of pure rage.

Celadur Celais

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