Charles 'The Lionheart' Ryker



Charles ‘The Lionheart’ Ryker Race: Dragonborn Class: Warlord Ali: Good Diety: Bahumut Str: 18 Init: 3 AC: 19 Speed: 5 Gender: Male Con: 11 P. Insight: 10 P. Perception: 10 Age: 42 Dex: 10 Fort: 17 HP: 40 Height: 198 cm Int: 16 Ref: 16 Bloodied 20 Weight: 133 kg Wis: 8 Will: 15 Surge Value: 10 Cha: 15 Surges: 7

Dragonbreath: cold, use str Dragon born fury + dragonic heritage Cobat leader, commanding presence, tactical presence, inspiring word

Feats: Tactical assult, weapon exp (heavy blade) Skills: athletics, diplomacy, endurance, heal Languages: Common, Dragonic

At-Will: Commander’s Strike Wolfpack tactics

Encounter: Dragon Breath Inspiring word Warlord’s favour Hammer and Anvil

Daily: Lead the Attack

Utility: Adaptive Strategem

Equip: adventurer’s kit, Challange seeking longsword, tacticians chainmail, preservation shield (light), Amulet of protection


Charles 'The Lionheart' Ryker

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